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The following 18 reviews were posted to Yelp, but not included in my Yelp rating for some reason. They were each originally posted with a 5 star rating and I thank my wonderful clients for posting them.

  • Green Home Heros is a top shelf home inspection company that worked hard for us. Dave talked through any discrepancies that he found, to help us find the best solution. I can't imagine buying a house without his expertise.


    • Zachary L.

    •     Freeville, NY



  • I would highly recommend Dave W/Green Home Heroes. I have used Dave for 3 home inspections within the last year. He is very professional and knowledgeable. He takes the time to show and explain everything to you during the inspection. His reports are detailed and easy to read. Appreciate the great work Dave and will be using you again in the near future.


    •     Doug P.

    •     Freeville, NY


  • Dave did an awesome job with my home inspection. Infrared was an awesome tool that only he offers in my area. Found a water leak I never would've known of, shows missing insulation and broken window seals. Dave walked around with me and showed me every little thing he found and suggested a timeline on when to fix it. If you need an inspection no need to call around, just call Dave.

    •     Bryan A.

    •     Newfield, NY



  • I had Dave from Green Home Heros inspect a house I bought this year as an income property. He has tons of cool little gadgets that show the house in a way I've never experienced. He was able to locate a water issue on one wall in the basement using his infrared camera. Without that device we wouldn't of even seen it because there was no visible water. He suggested I dig a french drian along the side of the house you fix the problem. After the inspection I received a thorough digital report that I can save a refer back to every time I'm looking for a new project to take on. I highly recommend Dave Astorina from Green Home Heros. Not only is he very informative throughout the inspection but he was just fun to be around. I will use him when I buy future rental properties. After seeing what he can do I'm actually thinking just to have him come inspect my home not because I'm selling the house or buying the house but because I live there. It would be good to know what is going on with my home.

    • Daniel M.

    •     Ithaca, NY


  • I've used Green Home Heroes for 2 home purchases and was extremely satisfied both times.  Dave is a very friendly guy and knows houses like no other.  He is happy to explain what he's seeing as he goes along and even offers advice on future maintenance that's invaluable for a first time home buyer as well as for someone who's been through the process before.  I would certainly recommend Green Home Heroes to anyone who wants a high quality home inspection.


          Jesse Y.
    •     Ithaca, NY


  • First time working with Dave and his company, be assured it won't be the last not to mention the referrals I will give to my friends.  The level of detail is amazing.  When he was finished inspecting my home I felt confident that all bases were covered.  He went above and beyond by taking the time to answer all my questions and I did have many as well as provide additional knowledge and explanation throughout the process.  I do have to say he has some really high tech gadgets which can detect moisture in walls, or loss of heat areas or areas which may be too hot.  Do not think this will be a quick inspection, Dave is complete and thorough in his investigation.  It also didn't hurt that he has a great personality and a sense of humor.   I do not hesitate in recommending Dave and Green Home Heroes.  Well Done!


    • Bill P.

    •     San Francisco, CA



  • Working with Dave at Green Home Heroes was such a pleasure! My husband and I attended the full inspection with Dave, and he walked us through each thing he was evaluating. We are first-time home buyers as well, and he provided useful insights to us during the inspection on what to expect in the process. Dave explained the items that he viewed as important concerns and explained why (e.g., electrical issues are a big safety concern, gas leaks, etc.). This was helpful to us when we thought about the conversation we would have with the sellers following the inspection results, and helped us gain a better picture of what was worth requesting they address vs. take care of ourselves after purchase, and the general time line where these things would need to be looked at. We really liked the use of his infrared camera that gave really important feedback on the heating systems as well as insulation efficacy in the house. Professional capabilities aside, Dave is also just a great person to be around. We left with all the confidence in the world that he did a thorough inspection and gave us honest feedback about our future home. I really cannot recommend Dave and Green Home Heroes enough!


    • Emily M.

    •     Freeville, NY


  • We are purchasing a home in the Lansing area and needed a home inspector.  We called several and needed this done rather quickly.  Only Dave called us right away.  From the moment we spoke, he put us at ease.  Dave was polite, professional and funny on the phone.  Dave was able to help us quickly.  He showed up, on time, was very professional, polite and made our home inspection a pleasure.  We would recommend him to everyone.  Thanks Dave for being there for us!    Roy & Scott


    •     Scott S.

    •     Ithaca, NY

  • Dave was very detail focused and thorough. I have always been skeptical of spending the money for a home inspection as it seemed like a lot to spend on a relatively short amount of time - Dave changed my opinion. He encouraged me to join him as he went over the house with a fine-tooth comb. He gave me realistic suggestions on what things needed to be done with time frames. The inspection itself was detailed and gave me a good idea of future tasks to be put onto the to-do list. He utilized the time well to share with me his own experiences. There are simply things that a regular-joe handyman type will miss simply because they aren't in the amount of homes Dave is in. He is well versed and I trusted his opinion.

    •     Chris V.

    •     San Francisco, CA



  • Green Home Heroes responded quickly and did a great job. Dave employs cameras and infrared technology to take a thorough look at issues and provide amazingly detailed information. I'm so glad I used his inspection service before hiring a contractor to work on my home. I understand so much more about the source of problems, options for addressing and how to talk to trades professionals to make the needed improvements. Learning from Dave was even fun!


    •     Sara C.

    •     Ithaca, NY


  • Dave Astorina was truly fantastic!  He has the patience of a saint and took the time to explain every step of the inspection process and what I could expect.  Dave allowed me to follow him around during his inspection so I could see everything that he was looking at and also explained what he was finding.  Although I was already in love with the house I chose Dave's inspection data helped me to see that the house required more time and money than I could afford.  I would recommend Dave Astorina to anyone that is looking for a home inspector.  You can believe that Dave Astorina will be inspecting my next potential house BEFORE I fall in love with it.


    •     Russchelle S.

    •     St. Bernard, Cincinnati, OH



  • Dave just completed a home inspection for me. What a great experience! He is thorough, personable and has the knowledge and the high-tech gadgets to make your inspection an opportunity to learn everything about your new home, its condition, and how to maintain it. He's absolutely the best!


    •     Juliet G.

    •     Ithaca, NY



  • Today Dave did such a great, professional job inspecting our future home. He was patient and thorough. He took the time to show and explain many of the trouble areas. I especially love the e-mailed presentation package that arrived within hours after leaving the property.  I highly recommend Dave for all of you home inspection needs.


    •     Kim M.

    •     Van Etten, NY


Dave is amazing and super knowledgeable! He was early to our inspection time and already outside inspecting the roof when we pulled up. He encouraged us to be on the inspection with him, explained everything he was doing, brought tons of cool devices to check into nooks & crannies and to light up everything that was dark (and even let us play with some of them!), answered every question we had with honesty, and gave us many sound recommendations all along the way. He has a fantastic website, and the report he gave us is very organized, thorough, and concise--  and VERY useful for negotiations. We paid for the biggest package he has to get the full infrared imaging of the home, which we highly recommend anyone doing to find out what your insulation looks like and if there are leaks, or hidden water damage, or any electrical problems.  Dave has our highest recommendation!!

    • Katrina M.

    • Freeville NY



  • Green home heroes is the best! Dave is a very professional, friendly, and precise home inspector who you can trust. Last Friday he inspected a house for me in the morning and I got the report in the afternoon since I added the expedited service. The house seemed to have a lot of problems to fix, so I could release the contract right away and start searching for another house. The expedited service was worth saving my time and I could find another house at the right timing. Today he inspected this home which was in much better condition. I'm so satisfied with his services and happy to get a right house for me!


    •     Meejeong S.

    •     Ithaca, NY


  • Green Home Heroes made my house inspection process smooth! Very thorough,  very professional; what else could you ask for?   

  •     I absolutely will recommend this company to anyone buying a home. Price was very competitive,  and I feel that Dave went above and beyond for me. Highly recommend!

    •     Scott B.

    •     Mount Hope, KS


  • Dave is great! Really professional and reliable. He goes out of his way for his customers and absolutely knows his stuff. Highly recommended!


    •     Vadim S.

    •     Ithaca, NY


  • Dave Astorina provided exceptional customer service and a very thorough and detailed home inspection. He provided great feedback and answered every question we had about the home. We would definitely use him again.

    •     Melanie R.

    •     Ithaca, NY​



I had Dave Astorina out to my house a few weeks ago for a chimney leak, and I can't say enough good things about him.  Honest, thorough, explains everything, sent photos of chimney.  Thanks Brooke Greenhouse for recommending him.  He would be excellent for a pre-sale inspection as well.


I will be closing on a house next week that Dave inspected for us in April (sorry for the delay in writing this review). Dave went above and beyond by giving me a video walk through during the inspection since I was out of state and couldn't be there. I hope he is able to add this as a regular part of his inspection since it was extremely helpful. I was very impressed by the whole process. I've bought other houses and have never seen such a comprehensive inspection, from the roof views to the infrared scans. Dave's report even included photos of problem areas and during the inspection he answered all my questions. Thank you for a very professional job!

Anita Gross


Very thorough and professional. Truly the best service I have ever had. They truly know what they are doing and have your interests at heart.

Michael Durkee


Dave did a really thorough, excellent inspection. He took his time and not only pointed out potential problems with the home, but also projected out many years in the future to get an idea of what the long-term would look like. He patiently explained things we didn't understand, and walked us through the high/low points of the home at the end of the inspection. We never felt rushed or confused, and now feel very confident moving forward with purchasing this house!

Beth Osborne


Our recent home inspection with Dave was very thorough, informative and even entertaining. He made sure I understood anything that he felt needed attention and his report followed through with a vast amount of appropriate information. Thanks Dave.

James Fey Dmd

Our recent home inspection with Dave was very thorough, informative and even entertaining. He made sure I understood anything that he felt needed attention and his report followed through with a vast amount of appropriate information. Thanks Dave.

Dave was fantastic! As a first time buyer, he explained everything in detail and got the report in on the same day. He was very attentive to details and answered all of our follow up questions right away. We were not able to be there on site during the inspection, but he called us with updates during the process. I would highly recommend his services.

Sabrina Kabrim

From the very first inquiry to the actual inspection, Dave was professional, courteous and very responsive.

Dave was incredibly thorough in his inspection, leaving no unanswered questions or concerns. The report received was detailed, noting even the smallest of concerns with information to better educate oneself. He was an absolute pleasure to do business with and I would certainly use him again. Highly recommended.

John Barker

Dave was awesome to work with--super thorough, friendly, and knowledgeable! He has the best state-of-the-art equipment for the most comprehensive home inspection. In fact, we chose him because he did such a good job for the buyers of our last home. He found things in our own home that we didn't know existed. We would highly recommend him to anyone looking for a home inspection that will leave you with peace of mind.

Lauren Taintor-Coffey

Dave is awesome!!! He helped me with an inspection on a house built 100 years ago. He didn't just show up and rush through it though, he exemplified strict attention to detail and his work ethic really shined. Not only did I follow him through the whole inspection, but he took the time to make sure I understood everything he was finding and what he was actually looking for. He is a genuine man that really wants to help people make an informed decision on the property that they are buying. He is very knowledgeable and experienced, and I don't think I could have had a better experience with anyone else! Thank's Dave, you have earned my full recommendation!

Philip Swensen


As a Local Realtor I have worked with Dave Astorina on numerous occasions and highly recommend him. He has superior equipment to find issues behind walls and on roofs(even inclement weather). His inspection reports are very thorough and precise with photos and explanation. He has a great attitude and is a pleasure to communicate with IF YOU NEED AN INSPECTOR CALL HIM TODAY!

Havana Jorrin

I couldn't be more pleased with Dave. He was professional, friendly and I really felt he had my best interest at heart. He did a very thorough inspection and even taught me some things. I feel confident now that my new home will be safe and comfortable. He went above and beyond what was required of him and even helped me emotionally with kind reassuring words. I would absolutely recommend him to anyone needing a home inspection and/or Radon testing.

Nicole Kushner

Great job Thanks a lot for the knowledge will recommend you to every person I know buying a home.

Anthony Woods

Couldn't have had a better person for the job. Dave was very thorough with the entire process. I would recommend him to anyone looking for a home inspection. I had about a 3 day window to get the home inspection done, and he was able to get it done for me the next day. The house I was going for unfortunately did not work out, but I'm in the process for another one and I will be getting ahold of Dave once again. Thanks for everything.

Greg Quick

When we needed a Home Inspection done quickly, we called Dave and he was able to do it for us the next morning. Of the four Home Inspections we have had done over the years, Dave's was by far the most thorough. Dave took the time to inspect every nook and cranny of the house, inside and out. He encouraged my husband and me (two engineers) to accompany him and ask questions, pointed out concerns that should be addressed within a recommended timeframe, and offered suggestions for maintenance and upkeep. Dave's "flagpole" camera allowed him to see in real time, and to take pictures for later review, many areas that couldn't be inspected adequately from the ground, such as roofing and venting, skylights, gutters, chimney cap, and upper window frames. He used an infra red camera to check for water intrusion, verify that all windows were still sealed properly, and look for voids in insulation. He checked all gas lines with a "gas sniffer" tool, and found four minor gas leaks that he "orange tagged" for the current homeowner to fix immediately. Throughout the inspection, Dave was very respectful of the current homeowner's property. The day after the inspection, we received a very thorough and easy-to-read report of all inspection findings and recommendations, which included many photographs taken during the inspection. Thank you, Dave, for your integrity and professionalism, and for giving us the confidence to proceed with the purchase of our new home.

Liz Beemster

Dave Astorina provided exceptional customer service and a very thorough and detailed home inspection. He provided great feedback and answered every question we had about the home. We would definitely use him again.

Melanie R.


Dave was incredibly thorough and professional in his inspection. He took his time to ensure that every corner of the house was checked and took great care to explain everything to myself and my wife throughout the process. I feel that I received a top shelf inspection and, perhaps more importantly, a few lessons that will assist us in our house search and the eventual ongoing care of our new home.

Tim Oliveri

We were thoroughly impressed with Dave and Green Home Heroes.  He was able to work around our schedule and provided the most comprehensive and clear report we’ve received from a home inspector.  After purchasing multiple homes across several states, we were delighted to see high-tech tools being used by such a knowledgeable inspector.  Our report arrived extremely fast and included all the detail and recommendations you'd expect with detailed photographic evidence and examples of solutions that made purchasing and repair decision-making easy.  Thanks for a fantastic experience!

 Josh & Carol - Moravia, NY 


 Very thorough, professional and caring.

Barbara and Dick - Ithaca NY


Dave is hands down the best structural inspector (residential and commercial) that I have come across. As both a homeowner and a mortgage originator I would recommend Dave's service to anyone and everyone. Dave goes above and beyond with every inspection, and every part of every inspection--not to be impressive, but because that is his nature. Dave is never satisfied with anything less than an exceptional experience and product and, especially as a mortgage originator, I can testify that this is incredibly important for every home buyer. The better your inspector, the easier your home buying process will be--and Dave is the best.

Patrick Mitchel - CFCU Community Credit Union

Green Home Heroes was referred to me by my local Realtor and when I met Dave I was extremely impressed.  He is very friendly but, most important, very knowledgeable and through with my home inspection.  Dave took a great deal of time explaining what he was inspecting and what the issues were with the house. He offered good solutions and a thorough and detailed report the next day.  I highly recommend Green Home Hero's for anyone that need's a home inspection. Dave is great to work with!!!

Jamie Ciaschi

Posted on LinkedInOn 03/18/14 12:40 PM, Ashwini Pandey wrote:

Dear David,

I've written this recommendation of your work to share with other LinkedIn users.


Details of the Recommendation:  "For David, I could not choose only three suggested attributes from the list as almost all attributes listed describe him and his work. But as it is not allowed to select more, I will express them in the text. From great work done to being personable, from an expert in the field with excellent professional attitude towards his client and work to highest level of integrity, all these attributes in effect, have given an excellent value for the price I paid.

It will be clearer to everybody when I mention what exactly happened in my case. I had opted for the "Peace of Mind" package (highest price that included energy audit report) that includes many pre and one post purchase services/assessments. Needless to say that he did the job splendidly. Observing through my curious queries, he offered me necessary equipments/suits so that I can accompany him everywhere (including crawl space) during his inspection. While inspecting, he explained the procedures and important/practical nuances that increased my understanding and will continue benefit me in home maintenance related issues. While doing pre part of the inspection, he completed all the listed inspections from his package. As we waited for the closing of the house to take place in order to complete rest of the inspections procedure, something unexpected happened. Because of the low appraisal of the house, the deal fell through on the renegotiation table. When David came to know about it, he had kind and encouraging words for us and for our future search. He also offered to reduce the price from the purchased package to the work package that was completed since the package purchased couldn't be completed for the obvious reasons. In his honest intention to make us feel comfortable, he also gifted two tickets for a "Tea Fest" in a nearby town. I think nothing more is required to be told about him as, anybody who learns about this incident, will be able to judge his qualities on her/his own. Thank you David! Your company name is very suitable and fits your attributes." 

Service Category: Home Inspection with energy audit report

Year first hired: 2013

Top Qualities: Personable, Expert, High Integrity

Ashwini Pandey

David Astorina of Green Home Heroes did a pre-closing thermographic inspection of the house I just bought.  His evaluation was thorough and thoroughly professional, both in terms of technology and his knowledge of houses and insulation.  He answered all of my questions clearly and provided a wealth of good advice.   He even took extra photos of the property with his slick pole-mounted camera.  I recommend him and Green Home Heroes enthusiastically.

John Henderson


Having created Green Home Heroes says a lot about how you approach your work, Dave.  A hero is a champion that creates “a model of excellence.” I think your company is an example of a model of excellence.

From the evaluation process you use, with Thermography and video, tests for health threatening conditions like mold and radon, to the recommendations for improvements to increase the home’s value, the range of inspection services you provide along with the excellent personal attention you put into the various evaluations is easily superior over other companies.

Your inspection of my house revealed a number of problems I hadn’t been aware of. Remedies are under way and I can tell a difference already. Thanks for doing such a great job!

And here’s a quote, by Maya Angelou, that I think sums up the fundamental quality of a hero:

“...a hero is any person really intent on making this a better place for all people”

Green Home Heroes does that.




"Dave, I wanted to let you know how impressed I was with not only the thoroughness of your work but also the overall experience of the inspection process.  The time you take to during the inspection to explain what you are observing is reassuring and educational.  The fact that you follow it up with an extremely well organized and comprehensive report raises the bar to a new level.  Having had inspections done on more than 7 properties, I can easily say your services far exceed any previous experience.

Sincerely John M"


I have reviewed everything and you really did a great job. I appreciate your thoroughness!  I  definitely recommend you to anyone who is looking for in inspector! 

Liron Asher - Infinity Properties, LLC


Fast and friendly service. Dave was outstanding and I wouldn’t hesitate to come back to him in the future. Working with him was a wonderful experience!

Rachel Brill - Executive Assistant, Cornell University


David Astorina was able to come into my home and identify a number of problems that were robbing my fairly new house (ten years old) of it's optimal energy efficiency. His overall knowledge of homes and how healthy homes should operate, in conjunction with his modern technology, helped expose these problems and come up with ways to overcome them.

 I'm appreciative of Dave's help as it has saved me money and made my home a more comfortable place to live. I'm equally appreciative of his friendly demeanor and that I know i can trust in him as an honest professional businessman in our community. 

Bob Brantner - Promotional Marketing Consultants (PMC)


Green Home Heroes just finished insulating our floors and the house feels and smells so much better. My wife’s allergies have all but totally subsided and we look forward to lower heating bills. David was personable and gladly answered my many questions regarding the job. The work was done professionally and in a timely manner; as for the clean up – everything was left looking much better then it did when they arrived, from the job site to the street.

Thank you David. I have already recommended your work with the utmost confidence to several friends.

Ron Floyd

Before I hired Dave Astorina to perform an energy audit of my house I was sure there was something I could do to make my home more energy efficient. However, I had no idea what needed improving and what would save me money and be worth the investment.

While Dave and his company, Green Home Heroes, visited my house they took a detailed look at my entire house. From the attic to the crawl space Dave covered every part of the house in his onsite audit. He arrived when he said he would and walked us through a quick overview of what he planned to do. Then he got to work and started to collect information and readings from his myriad of home diagnostics tools.

After Dave finished he provided a bound color copy of my house’s energy use and all of the places where we could improve our living situation. We look forward to working with Dave on turning the list of recommendations into home improvements.

I encourage every home owner to take call Dave to get started with what he has to offer. I am willing to speak to those of you who might have questions, and would like to hear more about my experience with Dave Astorina and Green Home Heroes.

 Very truly yours,

David Makar - Ithaca


 I live in an old country farmhouse and I am interested in eventially installing some alternative energy sources.  However, I know that my home is leaky.  I know this from two prior energy audits.  One was done as a freebie by NYSERDA and the other was done by another engineering company in town for about the same as Green Home Heroes charges.  These audits identified some minor fixes around windows, sockets, basement etc.  These audits were not terribly specific because they just used tools of visual inspection rather than IR cameras and other tools used by Green Home Heroes.  As a result, they missed some major spots in my home that are losing heat.  

 I was amazed at the state of the art equipment that Dave used in order to pinpoint the problems so that we can spend our money wisely in fixing these leaky areas.  He also identified a potentially dangerous "hot wire" using his infra-red camera. Dave helped us clarify a drainage problem we are having in one corner of our basement.  He spent time  with us explaining what the major problems were and how to address them.  He also followed up with a valuable report complete diagrams and photographs that explain each issue thoroughly.  I highly recommend any homeowner who wants their house to be less drafty, wants to reduce energy use, or wants to eventually install alternative energy sources to contact Dave for a complete home energy audit. He is a true "home hero", identifying problems that are safety and energy issues.

 Lucia Tyler


Dave Astorina of Green Home Heros knows about energy economics.Dave will help you save money by finding holes in your house which leak warmth in the winter and coolness in the summer. He keeps your house comfortable by finding moisture and mold and toxic air and then puts together a plan to eliminate these problems.

On the back end, Dave is creating a business which trains and employs people to do  the extremely important job of using our energy supply efficiently.

I find him to be a sincere, caring and an all-around great guy.

 Julie Manners


Green Home Heroes house inspection is detailed and very informative. Once you see the report you can set goals for improving your home's energy efficiency and make your home more comfortable and healthy.

I would recommend their inspection to all homeowners that like to fix the things around the house and would like to know, not just feel, that house is saving money for them and their family.

 This report and inspection will give you focus and more targeted action. As well will give you some insight about moisture problems you may have. 

Gvozden Dokic


Recently, we made an appointment with Green Home Heroes to have an  Energy Assessment performed on our home. Dave showed up on time, was respectful of our home, and explained things clearly and fully. The assessment was very thorough. It showed areas where energy was leaking out of our house from places we never imagined. We found Green Home Heroes to be competent and friendly, and their customer service is excellent!

Dr. Ellen Matuszak


I had completed a major renovation on a house I bought. When I started using my gas wall oven in the fall (windows closed), it set off my carbon monoxide detector. Green Home Heroes came to the rescue. We weren’t sure if the house was too tight, meaning not healthy. Turned it wasn’t. Good news.

Way too fun. Watching them use all their instruments and gadgets. So, for me, my house was not too tight. My wall oven, when first turned on, released a lot of CO2 while getting up to temp. They then checked all of the other possible problem areas. They came up negative. Yeah. So, I needed to have a ceiling fan vent installed above the oven to vent the CO2. It has worked like a charm.

There was something about the whole process that brought me a complete peace of mind.

BJ, Ithaca

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