Windows with broken seal
Basement water intrusion
Uninsulated wall in bath renovation

Infrared Inspection

Infrared cameras detect heat and convert it into a thermal image that we can understand in color. Infrared is useful in inspection work in finding a number of issues that may be of concern to a home buyer. The images above and below are some examples of the kinds of things that can be found with infrared.


In the first image, the argon from between the windows leaked out leaving glass concave. Where the glass is closer, it conducts more cold, that is the circle you see. The second image shows water intrusion in the corner of a basement where a downspout drained too close to the house. The third image above shows a lack of insulation in the walls of a recently renovated bathroom. Below, Kitty is pointing out water soaking into the bottom of a wall. The second image below shows warm circuits. These can be warm due to loose screws, or possibly overloaded, or defective breakers. The third image shows missing insulation behind a medicine chest. The presence of moisture in walls exposed by infrared can point to the presence of mold. A full infrared inspection is key to the peace of mind you want when buying a house.


In these images, lighter colors are warmer, darker colors are cooler areas. Scroll down for more.

Water intrusion at wall base
Warm circuits in electric panel
Missing Insulation behind medicine chest
Radiant heat in floor
Radiant heat in ceiling
Water in ceiling
Air leakage around window frame
Heat loss old house
Leak in ceiling
Good insulation
Missing insulation behind shower
Windows lost seal
CFL lamp
CFL bulb

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